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Rocket Science

Launched rockets today at a Regional Contest in Aurora, Ohio. One of the events was D-Dual Eggloft Altitude using altimeters to measure the altitude. I launched my cobbled together egglofter on a composite D10-5 engine (Oooohh! High performance Shiny!). The parachute partly shredded and the model came down at a fairly high speed. "Let the eggs decide!" is the comment generally made at such times. If either eggs break it is disqualified. When I recovered the model the front section of the egg capsule was split open and stuff was visible inside. Definitely not a good sign. On closer inspection I realized the "stuff" was actually the pads I used to cushion the eggs inside the capsule. Hope! It turned out both eggs survived, so I qualified with an altitude of 853 feet (260 Meters).

By the end of the day I had qualified in all five events, so I rewarded myself with the Oriental Chicken Salad at Applebee's. Apparently this was homecoming weekend for a lot of high schools in the area. There were a number of students at the restaurant all gussied up in a veritable cacophony of clothing.
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