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My Fourth

While I didn't drink from any fifths on my fourth, (I have been to the Firth of Fourth, but that is another storey.) I had a good time riding my tricycle to the local Harding's grocery store and picking up a cherry pie and a whip cream bomb which I shared with my sister and nephew next door. Mmmm, exploding whip cream! Sister made hamburgers with onions and potato chips. Iffy potato salad was available but I did not partake.

On my way to the store I made a side trip through one of the local picnic/playground parks. It was totally vacant. At close to 100 degrees out, I guess it was just to hot.

I did a few explody and flamey things. My neighborhood had some really swell flamey mortars going off in the evening.

All that and the Higgs Boson. Altogether not a bad 4th!
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