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Busy week - bigbumble
June 7th, 2009
08:42 pm


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Busy week
Had a doctor appointment Monday to confirm an ear infection I had 3 weeks prior had been cured by antibiotics. The antibiotics also cured a nose infection that wasn't visible at the first appointment.

Thursday was rocket launch day at Alamo Elementary. Light and variable winds with lots of thermals made recovery an exiting affair. Only one of the fifty rockets augered in from a great height, but I did manage to humiliate myself by only igniting one engine in a two engine cluster rocket. The rocket gracefully arched over and stuck nose first into the lawn. Moments later the ejection charge blew the model and bright yellow parachute skyward.

I am not sure why fifth graders find such tragedies so amusing.

Thursday night I attended Renee Macdonald's high school graduation along with her parents and other well wishers.

Saturday I flew in two model rocket contests along with brother Peter. One in Delton (greater Kalamazoo area) and the other in Jackson, Michigan. Qualified in every event, but not brilliantly.

Sunday I managed to deliver photos I took at Renee's graduation.

Now it is laundry, lunches, and sleep.

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