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Adventures over the weekend

As I mentioned my last post I headed for NARCON over the weekend. The quickest way to get there was to drive to Detroit Metro Airport rather than take a commuter flight from Kalamazoo. So I left work at 4:30, with a car loaded the night before, for the two hour drive to the airport. It was a little over 100 miles, all highway and my flight was scheduled for about 9:15 -lots of time.

I planned on stopping at peteralway 's place in Ann Arbor to drop off a few things and talk for a bit. After I was somewhat more than halfway there my car did a few power jerks which came with increasing frequency. They went away after I stopped a Wendy's for some dinner, but soon returned. My engine temperature had gone volcanic and I was just able to make a ride share lot at exit 159 just before my 12 year old car died for good. After many machinations, I reached peteralway 's house dropped off stuff and we headed for the airport. I arrived in the nick of time to catch my flight with a quick side trip to the restroom.

I enjoyed meeting a lot of New England people I hadn't seen before. -This NARCON was the first national model rocket event held in the Northeast in decades. I did have an evil ulterior motive for attending. Money.

Last summer I sponsored travel grants to B division(14-18 years old) fliers to attend NARAM for the first time. This year I volunteered to match funds up to $1,200. As expected, the NAR board voted to match funds. I got to present my matching check at the "Town Hall" meeting Saturday night.

-It felt really good.

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