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Kalamazoo Children's Chorus and Space Shuttle - bigbumble
March 15th, 2009
08:17 pm


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Kalamazoo Children's Chorus and Space Shuttle
Busy day. XRsized in the am. (If I'm alive a year and a month from now I'll know it worked.)

Went to a model rocket build session with my rocket club an worked on a teeny tiny helicopter rocket for an hour. Then I drove to Kalamazoo to see qnvhrtz daughter, Renee, and the rest of the choirs sing.

I asked the lady in the box office which seat she recommended. She thought the balcony had the best sound, so that is where I went. It turned out that Renee's choir was sitting just across the aisle from me while they watched the first half of the show. I had ample opportunity to harass her, which I did. They really enjoyed the second youngest choir's interpretation of 3 little pigs. So did I. The little girl wolf arm pumping for huffing and puffing was a joy to behold.

Renee's choir marched off at intermission to sing in the second half of the show. About half way through her choir's set the director invited her and two other senior girls out front and gave them flowers as graduating seniors. They were the last-but-not least choir and belted out some fine singing.

I suitably harassed everyone after the show. Then I drove home and watched the space shuttle launch successfully.

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Date:March 16th, 2009 11:58 am (UTC)
The "Three Little Pigs" performance sounds like a treat! :-)
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