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Rocket Contests this weekend

I will be playing social butterfly rocket guy this weekend. First thing Saturday to Jackson to fly in the "Falling Leaf Finally" open meet with the events being "Drag Race","1/2A-Helicopter Duration", "Science Fiction/Future Scale", and "1/2A-Rocket Glide". Falling Leaf is sponsored by HUVARS NAR section 463, Peter's home section.

Then it is head back to Delton, Michigan(Northeast of Kalamazoo) for the "Straight A Regional" that was postponed from last week do to that patch of rain that came through these parts. The events include 3 kinds of "Spot Landing", "Space Systems", "A-Cluster Altitude", and "A-Helicopter Duration". This is sponsered by NAR section 500 "SMASH" my home section and goes both Saturday and Sunday. I'm in charge of altitude tracking, so I have to make it back as early Saturday afternoon as I can.

It is going to be a long weekend. Visitors and gawkers are welcome to attend both or either event. Information can be found by going to and checking out the "find a local club" link.
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