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Busy week - bigbumble
September 6th, 2008
08:40 pm


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Busy week
I managed not to ride my tricycle to work this week due to weather or threat of weather. Oh, well. On Thursday, the bloodmobile came to our office parking lot and since peteralway said a short trip to Africa 5 years ago shouldn't spoil my blood, I went to the blood letting in the parking lot. I sang "Barfy the Seasick Hedgehog" while eating my cookies and juice. I enjoyed talking about the oogy experience afterward in earshot of my boss -who admits to fainting when her blood is drawn. I could hear little noises from her cubicle indicating that the discussion was having good effect on her nerves.

Today I finally finished a fancy rocket powered helicopter model. Lots of rubber bands and hinges and stuff. It will be interesting to see if it flies well enough to be worth the work. As I was finishing off the helicopter, I started work on a Saturn V for next weekend's contest. It is to be modified with cluster engines and multi-staging. We will see if I can finish it by next week.

Current Mood: productiveproductive

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