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Today I went to two dentists in rapid succession. My lower right front molar began to hurt last week. By Friday morning I decided it was time to call my dentist. My dentist isn't open on Fridays but the answering machine did have an emergency number. On Saturday my jaw next to my molar began to swell and by Sunday I was just short of emergency status. I left a message on Sunday asking for the earliest possible appointment. Monday at 7:10 am the receptionist called me and said they could fit me in at 8 am. I have never been so eager to get to a dentist. My regular dentist then passed me on to specialist.

Now an Endodontist is not a dinosaur, or even someone who studies the insides of dinosaur teeth. (Although, come to think of it, it would be an interesting specialty.) He is the brand of dentist who does the "root canal" of song and misery. Fortunately this guy was not a model rocketeer because he was highly skilled and would have been brutal to compete against in a model rocket contest. He had a bunch of keen miniature tools and knew how to use them. Within an hour my tooth had been augured out, reamed out, wired and packed. I left with Vicodin, penicillin, a numb mouth, and a smoking credit card. As I write this, the numbness has left and the Vicodin is kicking in. I am supposed to start noticing the effects of the penicillin tomorrow.

Dentists, you can't live with them, you can't live without them.
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