April 3rd, 2013

Egglofter, rockets

Busy weekend

Week before last I went to a regular Dr. Appointment. I'm probably not going to die this year. I got my tetanus/whooping cough vaccination. The vaccination really knocked me over for a couple of days, that seems to be the nature of tetanus shots. Last week, I donated a pint of O+ blood. I'm officially at 18 pints now.

Saturday, I had my birthday party with friends and family over. Sunday I did Easter with my next younger brother, Dan, and my sister, Martha. Monday, I had an eye doctor appointment. I probably not going to go blind this year.

But for the really important news, I finished a model rocket helicopter model for 1/4A model rocket engines(teeny tiny engines)! Yay! I hope to test fly it in the next day or two.