September 29th, 2012


Future plans

I've signed up for a room at WindyCon and my registration is all filled out and ready to mail.

Next week I'm going to a model rocket regional contest in Muskegon, Michigan called Roctober Sky. It has 5 events; A-Helicopter Duration, B-Boost Glider, D-Eggloft Altitude using an altimeter, C-Streamer Duration multi round, and Set Duration set at 50 seconds. I will probably fly it as "Bumbling Brothers Flying Circus" team.

In two weeks I'm going to another model rocket regional contest in Aurora, Ohio. Its events are; Set Altitude 200 Meters using altimeter, D-Dual Eggloft Altitude using altimeters, A-Rocket Glider, and 1/2A-Parachute Duration multi round. I will probably fly it as an individual.
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