March 6th, 2012

Octopus and Traffic Cone

Something Gross

I was sitting in my living room this afternoon when I heard child size footsteps coming toward my door. In a moment I heard the bang, bang, bang of my bronze dragon door knocker. Expecting a school magazine, Girl Scout Cookie, or some similar sale, I openned the door.

The waiting little girl, soon joined by a second girl, asked. "Do you have something gross?"

"what was that?!" I replied.

"We need something gross. We're making a potion."

I thought for a moment, went into my house and peeled the silicone stickum stripe from a children's book that came in a box of cheerios. I rolled it into a small pea sized blob then dropped it into the girl's open palm.

"It's an artificial booger." I stated.

"An artificial booger. What's that?" Asked the second girl, recoiling from the first girl's booger laden hand.

I told them the source of the marvel of modern science. Satisfied, they wandered off.

I hope the potion works.
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