November 22nd, 2011


The Spanish Inquisition to the rescue

Friday my garage door opener died. Not exactly life threatening, but still a pain. So I spent much of the weekend wondering about the best course of action, replace or attempt repair?

Sunday evening I got an unexpected call from The Spanish Inquisition. Not the real Spanish Inquisition, but rather Fran and Gary of the arch rival model rocket team to the Bumbling Brothers Flying Circus. It seems they were visiting their niece at Western Michigan University and would be taking her home for Thanksgiving and could they stop by my house for a visit?

On Monday they stopped by my house and among our gossip about life, the universe, and everything I mentioned my garage door opener. Gary, a retired surgeon, diagnosed my garage door opener as unrepairable and volunteered to stop by today to help install a new one. Apparently he had done this before. This morning both Fran and Gary arrived. While Fran attacked the mess in my living room, Gary and I went to the local building supply to pick up a replacement door opener. Four hours later the opener was installed and my living room was picked up. I took them to Zooroona middle eastern restaurant in Kalamazoo ( for their reward. We had an excellent meal, then went back to my house where we had convivial conversation and watched my blue ray DVD of Fantasia 2000.

I really wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition.
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