September 13th, 2009

Egglofter, rockets

Rocket contest and emergency room

My local NAR section held a rocket contest this weekend "Roctober Sky" I believe is its official name. I was flying for Peter and my team "Bumbling Brothers Flying Circus". Only one other team, our arch rivals "The Dark Side" was flying against us. There were four events, Space Systems (sport scale with gizmos getting a lot of credit), random altitude, 1/8A helicopter duration, and B Rocket Glide. We ended up winning 1/8 A helicopter with Peter's Tasmanian Devil Saturn V combined with disqualifications on the part of our competitors and winning B Rocket Glide. I felt pretty good about that since I approached the contest with a pretty mellow attitude.

Sunday morning at 8:30 am I got a call from my sister, Martha, she was in incredible abdominal pain and wanted me to drive her to the emergency room. She is Peter and my big sister, and clearly, since she heard Peter had had a 2 mm kidney stone she had to have a bigger one! A CAT scan and pain drug prescription later I drove her and her 3mm kidney stone home to be passed at a later date.
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