September 1st, 2009

Egglofter, rockets

Day-Glo Blaze Orange AX-15-N

Years ago I managed to wrangle a free sample of Blaze Orange pigment from Day-Glo Color Corporation. It has been very useful to put in my model rockets as tracking powder. I noticed at the latest NARAM that my supply was running low. With next years big altitude event, E Dual Eggloft Altitude, likely to carry two eggs half a mile into the sky, it is time to resupply.

So I called Day-Glo this afternoon and found I could order the same pigment, Blaze Orange AX-15. Minimum order is 5 pounds. I would have to pay for it this time. -rats! It seems it is the same pigment used in traffic cones. Luckily hsifyppah is a 1000 miles away, so I think I am safe from Midnight Banjo Playing Ninja Orange Thieves.

The order should arrive in a couple of weeks.
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