August 16th, 2009



We have returned safely from NARAM the national model rocket contest. Nephews Andy and Patrick and I dropped Peter off in Ann Arbor a couple of hours earlier. I called Peter to inform him of our safe arrival. I was informed his kidney stone passed in gloriously disgusting manner. Yaaay! Yuck!

We had a swell time visiting the Galileo exhibit at the Franklin institute in Philadelphia. Lots of astrolabes and such. Peter and I looked through Galileo's actual telescope.

Meanwhile, back at NARAM, Bumbling Brothers Flying Circus, our contest team, managed to tank the first 3 days of the contest, not placing in any of the six events. We did qualify in everything at least. Nephew Patrick did get first in B-Altitude for B Division (14-18 year olds).

Wednesday night, Peter had a kidney stone. I returned from the hospital at 1 a.m. with Professor Percocet. We had range duty the following morning at 8 a.m.

- more later
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