December 22nd, 2008


Moose, Mouse, Blood, and Birdfeeders

A busy day today. I went to the Moose Lodge to donate blood. I learned it takes me 5 minutes 18 seconds to bleed a pint. Fortunately they don't use a gun to open up a vein there. (Don't worry, it will only hurt a second.)

The bird feeder guy at work is on vacation for the holidays so a tag team of bird feeder fillers was hastily organized. I have seen a cardinal and blue jay on the feeder at the same time.

After work I picked up shrimp, cocktail weenies and barbecue sauces along with cookie decorating supplies for the Christmas Eve party at Glimmer Glass house.

Later, I went with sister and nephew to "Tale of Despereaux" at the local theater. It is an enjoyable little flick.

All in all a satisfying day.
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