November 1st, 2008


The Battle of Halloween

Punkin carved, and many bags of candy, I was ready to wage the annual Battle of Halloween last night. I have a candy hierarchy, first the bags mini candy bars and then I work toward the Mary Janes and mini Tootsie Rolls with a side order of Gerber biter biscuits for the wee ones. Perfect weather and a Friday night meant a large turnout of several hundred kids. I live in the "Rich" (The houses here cost more than $100,000 and less than $200,000.) neighborhood of a small town with a lot of surrounding rural areas, so we get a substantial number of imported kids.

As usual I make them pull on the dragon's tail (My Honeck sculpture Dragon Door knocker.) before they get candy. Some of the smallest kiddies thrive on it because they get to "make it work"! I viciously made a group of cheerleaders do a cheer and pull the dragons tail before they got anything. I am so mean.

Another Halloween victory. I had a swell time.
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