December 2nd, 2007


40 years

At yesterday's Acorn II Fen and Filk in Ann Arbor the usual good time was had by all. sazettel brought along her violin teacher, Phil Chen. I knew Phil from my late childhood. In fact I hadn't seen him since he was less than 11 years old. This was a time period of about 40 years and yet we both remembered each other even though one did not recognize the other. We both had siblings that were involved at the Kalamazoo Nature Center that helped reinforce the memories. (Phil spent a sizable amount of time there hanging with my and Peter's brother, Walter.) After we started talking, Peter wisely shooed us off to one of the adjoining conference rooms where Phil and I talked for an hour or so while Peter and the others continued to filk in the main room.

The arrival of pizza lured us back to the filk. Before he left, Phil played a mean "Turkey in the Straw" on his violin.
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