October 28th, 2007


Gargoyle Reunion

I went to the University of Michigan Gargoyle reunion with my nephew Andrew this weekend. The Gargoyle is a student humor magazine along the lines of Harvard Lampoon. This happens in odd years. Coincident with the reunion was the dedication of the Student Publications Building renovation. Stanford Lipsey, publisher of a Buffalo newspaper ponied up most of the $6,000,000 for the renovation. So now the building will be known as the Stanford Lipsey Student Publications Building. We arrived too late to see most of the speeches. Oh well.

Andy survived the Friday night banquet despite having to wear shirt, coat and tie. On Saturday the alumni and current students put together an informal issue of the Garg known as the Saturday Night Special. This time a high school senior, my nephew Andy, was also in the group. There was a surprisingly large contingent of current staffers. To make a long story short, Andy's drawing made the back cover, while 1940's Alum Doris Anne Smith drew the front cover. And what did I do? I bought the pizza.

Life is good.
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