September 16th, 2007


Jiffy Pop

After the model rocket contest in Jackson this weekend, the contestants gathered in the local Burger Biggie to socialize and generally recharge. The subject of Jiffy Pop popcorn came up when one of our gathering noted that he always burned it and it was never any good. Others in our group disagreed and argued that he must have cooked it wrong. I hadn't had Jiffy Pop since childhood, low these many decades ago, and did not feel expert enough to comment.

Today, while doing my regular grocery shopping, I wandered through the junk food section and spotted Jiffy Pop in 4.5 ounce little frying pan thingies, now black instead of the aluminum/silver I remembered from my childhood. $1.59 later I possessed my very own. This afternoon I tested it out on my gas stove following the directions on the label. It worked as advertised, and I had the fun of eating reasonably good popcorn from a big aluminum/silver ball/flower.
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