June 12th, 2007


Bondage with Gena

Saturday was savings bonds day. David had purchased a number of U.S. Savings Bonds over the years and now it was time to cash them in. I brought all one hundred plus of them to the local bank with various estate documents in tow. Stopping at the little desk in front of all the tellers, I introduced myself to Gena. A more helpful banker you could never hope to find.

We threaded our way through the maze of requirements for cashing in the bonds. Fortunately, I had all the right paperwork and Gena had the right attitude. I signed my name and "personal rep" one hundred twenty two times on the back of the bonds, we figured out which bond David had typed into his records twice, and Gena took care of the rest.

It was a quiet day at the bank and my extended stay at the service desk did not interfere with anyone else. A tedious but productive morning.
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