January 15th, 2007


Earned Opinions

As you no doubt are aware, David had his political opinions. Of course everyone has a right to a political opinion, but I am particularly irritated by people who voice a strident opinion and then admit they never vote.

Ever since Dave and I built houses in Otsego 10 years ago we have regularly attended Commission meetings. Eventually we were appointed to the elected officials pay commission. (And yes, we voted at all the elections, big and small.) No, not the major national issues of the day, just the little stuff like: Are our streets in good repair? Is the water supply safe and adequate? Do we have adequate fire and police protection? On and on.

I just attended the first Otsego City Commission without Dave. The mayor held a moment of silence in honor of him before the Pledge of Allegiance. David had earned the right to his political rants.