January 11th, 2007


Sorting things out

As qnvhrtz has posted, the next Fen and Filk will be held at Glimmerglass House despite or maybe because of David's death. This will be the memorial for Dave's Filk Friends. I hope it takes the form of a New Orleans funeral, sad for the loss but glad for having been here. Details will be forthcoming as our minds clear and we can work things out.

Dave will be or has been cremated. His final disposition is likely to be at the Otsego cemetary but that is yet to be finalized. I live next door to Glimmerglass House and will likely be the executor of the estate. Because of the cost of upkeep (about $700/month for taxes insurance, utilities etc.) the house will ultimately have to be sold. Does anyone interested in house sings want to move to Otsego, Michigan?