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Rocket Club Meeting - bigbumble — LiveJournal
November 11th, 2007
08:35 pm


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Rocket Club Meeting
My rocket club SMASH (Southwest Michigan Association of Space-modeling Hobbyists) had its annual business meeting today.

By dint of careful hard work and some good luck we are in very good financial shape. We ran the national contest this year in the black and our local club gets to keep part of the excess.

We set a launch schedule for the year including including a couple of sport launches a month at the Michigan Farmer's Hall of Fame in Delton, Michigan. We have scheduled a contest on June 21-22 with five events; D-Boost Glider, B-Helicopter Duration, C-Payload Altitude, B-Streamer Duration(multi round) and 50 second Set Duration. We may have another contest May 31-June 1.

We have also scheduled some build sessions this winter that I will be dragging my poor innocent nephews to. The sessions will be on January 19, February 10, March 1, and March 29. We will also be having a kitbash session on December 1.(A good one for a beginning modeler to attend as there will be lots of adult help available.) I'm going to miss the January 19 session due to conflict with Confusion. The December 1 session will cause me to miss most of the Acorn Fen and Filk in Ann Arbor. Ah, the struggles of a social butterfly!

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