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Lightning Powered Popcorn Ejector

My last post was the end result of a conversation after a rocket contest that lead up to the subject of Jiffy Pop popcorn. There were some intermediate steps that lead up to that. Someone asked peteralway if he had seen any lightning fused sand on his trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes this summer. He hadn't, but it brought to mind a marvelous scheme I have been thinking about for some time to inject popcorn into the atmosphere to create a popcorn snow storm.

In recent years, scientists have been using mid powered rockets trailing wire to attract lightning for study. And, of course we are all familiar with microwave popcorn. I calculate it takes about 175 kJ to make a 4 oz bag, give or take a few dozen kJ. Microwaves are generated using magnetron tubes, essentially the electronic equivalent of flutes, with electrons instead of air and microwaves instead of music. So the simple plan is to line a barrel with magnetrons and popcorn plastered into place with shortening.(Butter flavored?) Of course it takes the form of a shaped charge to direct the exploding popcorn upward. Then we launch a rocket with an attached trailing wire to bring the lightning through magical electronics to the magnetrons then out through a ground wire. The microwaves generated instantly detonate the popcorn an eject it skyward as a magnificent tribute to Thor.

At least, that's the plan.

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