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Rocket Contest

The "Straight A Regional" is my rocket club SMASH's fall contest. We named it Straight A because the events all use smaller sized rocket engines. There were a half dozen events including 2 spot landing events, random duration, boost glide, scale altitude, and 1/4A superroc duration. peteralway , the other half of the Bumbling Brothers Flying Circus team, was under the weather due to his bicycle crash injuries and so was only able to provide the scale model and tutelage on scale model spread sheet preparation. With only 4 teams participating we were not able to get even one first place. The closest we came was in A Scale Altitude where Peter's static score was more than 100 points higher than Cabo Wabo team whose model made an exceptional flight to take the event.

Still, we came out with more than 1100 valuable contest points.

I did manage to convince my two nephews to participate an they each won at least one first place in the B Division (Teen age division).
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