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This past week I rode my tricycle to work all five days, the first time this year. Weather, errands or some other interruption generally keeps my from riding my recumbent tricycle in at least once a week. So I feel a bit triumphant if I can do a full week at least once a year.

I feel fortunate that most of my commute is over quiet country roads with minimal traffic. I get regular sightings of wildlife from the usual bunny rabbits and squirrels to the occasional deer or great blue heron. I do have a part of my trip just before I arrive at the office where I climb a 150 foot hill over 3/4 mile of busy road. So even in cool weather I arrive at the office sweaty. A quick change of clothes takes care of that, mostly. The fact that work at an environmental office means any residual is humored. And I have a "special" sheltered place to park my cycle.

I have a recumbent because my rear end can no longer take the pressure of an eight mile ride on a standard bicycle, and a tricycle because I am too old to master the balance on a recumbent bicycle without serious injury. (See my brother peteralway recent entries for an idea of what I mean.) The tricycle I have is the tall fat guy version (Magnum) of the Road Runner from Lightfoot Cycles. It was one of those things that I could only afford because of an inheritance, but I am glad I got it. It has been a lot of fun and is really the only serious exercise I get. I must admit it is my one "healthy lifestyle choice" that I am able to actually sustain.

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